Why use a Slim LightBox?

Advanced LED technology has seen a rise of LED light box systems. They are useful for drawing people’s attention to an advertisement or store promotion. It looks even better if the advertisement displays flashing or movement, as motion tends to immediately grab most people’s attention. Static LED Light Box create a clearer and more visually appealing advertisement display both in the store as well as outside. The wide range of slim lightbox options in the market make it easy for companies to embark onto a dynamic marketing strategy in attracting customers to the brand and company.

With the recent advances in the LED technology, LED Lightboxes are becoming more and more popular and have several other advantages over the standard fluorescent lighting.

1. Design & Function

The LED Lightbox comes in ample of designs with functions that can benefit the companies who want to create awareness of their brand and goods. A well designed advertising light box is very effective in showcasing the latest product or service in visual mode. A LED Light box is designed to handle backlit graphics encased in a special unit. The design causes a visually dynamic effect that stands out even in a low light area.

2. Greater Power Saving

LED Lightbox offers greater power savings for its highly energy efficient feature compared to that of fluorescent lighting. Thus, these LED Boxes can be kept switched on for longer hours. Constant advertising is possible at a very less cost for marketers and business owners to enjoy continuous marketing.

3. Greater Durability

The normal fluorescent lighting has an estimated lifespan of 10000-15000 hours, whereas LEDs can last for an impressive 35000 to 50000 hours. The Led Lightbox can run longer than the normal fluorescent one without any need for maintenance and no extra costs of replacement bulbs or tubes. And because of its durability, companies can carry on without minding the advertising unit.

4. Lower Carbon Footprint

In the current climate that expects businesses to look to their carbon footprint. The lower carbon footprint offered by LED Light box prompt more and more companies to embrace this technology which is favorable to consumers and conservation authorities. It is ideal to use LED lighting in conjunction with solar power for a greener environment.

5. Slim Line Option

The Slim Lightbox is gaining popularity for its slim and lightweight feature that does not take too much space. Moreover, the slim lightbox looks attractive on any wall or space and can be used as a decorative art display along with advertising the brand’s product and service.

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