Visual Advertising: At The Core of Selling

Advertising and marketing, as we know it, is changing at a rapid pace today. Every organization that sells a product or service, has two metrics for success. One, a good product, and two, a good marketing campaign that makes noise about the good product. The ideal scenario for success is where both parameters i.e. the product and the marketing, excel. But achieving that ideal scenario is easier said than done.

A good product is the outcome of deep research and development, and investments of a talented workforce and money in the project, from day one (Not to say that a product cannot be improved). Whereas,a good marketing campaign can be achieved even after the product development phase is over. Having a good product and not having it reach out to the target customer is a failure in itself. From our experience of the consumer industry, we as a people know that even sub-standard products survive due to incessant and relentless marketing. To conclude, good product or bad, market it well.

According to me, one of the biggest successes of visual advertising has been pulled off by an American behemoth we know as Apple Inc. Before the introduction of the revolutionary iPod, the company was suffering on the stock market and with revenues (Apple has a market capitalization of $700 billion today, the most valuable company in the world). So what really contributed to their turn around in fortunes? If you might think back for a second, what came to your mind first when you last saw a pair of white earphones? Apple? Their iPhone or iPod? Yes, it is probably that.

In 2001, portable music players such as the WalkMan almost always had black earphones. So what makes you stand out when you come out to the market with your own music player? The answer is, of course, white earphones. The trademark white earphones Apple designed constantly created this imprint on an individual’s mind. Every customer who owned an iPod, would be visible with the trademark white earphones, hence making this customer a walking-talking marketing tool in herself. What ensued was sales of over 350 million units of the iPod over a period of 12 years.

The city of Dubai is fast taking its place as a hub of marketing and advertising for various industries, partly due to the fledgling tourism prevalent there. Outdoor advertising in the city has become a crucial factor for success. Advertising efforts directed towards products are taken by a group of professionals, who combine creativity, technology and product inputs to come out with a compelling visual campaign. BME Advertising is one such advertising company in Dubai.

BME Advertising is an outdoor advertising agency in Dubai, and provides products such as exhibition stands, display stands, and digital printing in Dubai. They have an experience of over 10 years in this field, and combine their talented workforce with technology to give great outputs in visual instruments. They also specialize in design and fabrication of sign boards produced with acrylic, wood and metal as raw material. In this new age field of advertising, companies that understand the product, and put themselves in a customer’s shoes are of paramount importance to a campaigns success.




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