Various Types of Exterior Business Signs

We all know the impact of exterior business signs on our business. Let’s know about various types of business signs and ways in which it can help bringing in more business. Signs speak a lot about your business. Here are 10 different types of business signs for store exterior and outdoor advertising company in Dubai

  • 1. Pylon Signs : These are those big tall signs that can be seen from a long distance. Various institutions like hotels, restaurants, gas stations, highway stores and other freeway and highway frequencies make use of these kind of signs. Pylon signs are one of the very effective ways of advertising your brand at a physical long distance

  • 2. Pole Signs : as the name suggests are just signs on a pole. They just have one company listed on them unlike pylon signs and are seen from far away sue to its height, size and visibility feature.

  • 3. Monument Signs : These are the signs that have a considerably low profile and are made from concrete, wood, brick and so on. These signs are usually visible in parking lot or building entrances used by exhibition stand builders too.

  • 4. Directional Signs : Yes you got it right. These are the signs that provide information to get to a particular destinations, to find one business address at a business complex. They are for pedestrians and vehicle drivers.

  • 5. Wall Signs : These are the signs that tell you customers about your business. They are available in various shapes and sizes and styles and can be pretty appealing. They can be used with lights to make it look more visually attractive.

  • 6. Blade Signs : These are also known as projecting signs and are the ones that are hung perpendicular to the wall of a particular building and are similar to acrylic display. These signs are the ones that help pedestrians find a store or a building with the name sign in the form of a blade sign. They need not be with lights but must be readable from a considerably long distance.

  • 7. Awnings : This type of sign is designed to give a classy look to your business. It is basically a canvas stretched over a frame that also works as a shelter for customers who enter the business area.

  • 8. Window Graphics : Signs used on a window to grab attention of passersby. It helps in creating a good business identity and also promotes your product your service at the same time.


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