Types of Modern Exhibition Stands

Conducting an exhibition is a great way of gaining more potential audience. The exhibition stand is a representation of your company, make sure it is a good one. It should appropriately promote your brand to the huge crowd present at the exhibition. Today, thanks to the innovations, there are a range of options to choose from for the exhibitions. In the earlier times, the stands were made of rods and kept firmly on the floor to stand on it and exhibit at various places. But today, things have changed for the better. Due to Science and technology paired with creativity, better options are available to the companies to choose their exhibition stand. Exhibition Stand Company today strive to make unique exhibition stands for all the clients.

There is a distinctive variety with the modern types of exhibition stands. Today, stands for exhibitions have unique features contributing towards being appealing to the audience. Let’s have a look at some of the innovative types of stands.

  • Modular System

  • A Modular stand has various facilities for various useful features. There is availability of setting up video screens and shelves. Product can be displayed appropriately to a large audience. The stand can be customized according to the need of the client. Notice boards can be set up in the modular system. It proves to be a great exhibition stand for setting up screens and panels. The best part being the portability of the stand. A modular stand can be used multiple times as it can dismantled and set up again.

  • Standing Banner

  • The banner stands are easy to use and can be carried to any venue as they are compact. The graphics are interchangeable and can be used multiple times. The designs can be customized inclusive of the company logo. They are the best for the companies who want to conduct promotions at a low budget. It is a great way of promoting the brand at a feasible rate.

  • Pop – Up Stands

  • Pop up stands have increasingly become more popular at various exhibition stands. The most important feature of a pop up exhibition stand being its portability and it can be customized with lots of creativity. They are most suitable for demonstrations and other presentations. They are light in weight making the transportation easy for multiple venues. The design and style of the exhibition stand is interchangeable. The packaging for pop exhibition stand include lighting systems, bags and other required tools. Different type of pop up stands are fabric kit, tower pop ups and banners.

Exhibition stands in Dubai are of various types depending on event and the concerned company. Companies can choose any type of exhibition stand as long as it serves the purpose of the event. According to the need of your company, variety of stands are available in diverse shapes, sizes and styles. These features and facilities can be decided according to the budget of your company. It is important to have unique and a personal touch to your exhibition.

Large companies choose expensive stands to create a great impression on the audience. But it is important to have a good quality exhibition stands with ample creativity.


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