Tips For Using Lighting To Create Maximum Impact With Signage

Any signage or sign board can only be effective and show good results when accompanied by good lighting that enhances the message. The best way to do so is by keeping your lighting effects perfect 24 hours a day. There are numerous options through which you can illuminate or lighten your surroundings like with light boxes, dramatic LED signs and also with mounted lighting fixtures that can help in improving the readability of the signs during night time. Also with the correct lighting you can actually advertise and promote your business throughout the day and night. We have listed down some of the factors that can help you in choosing the right lighting which can help in creating maximum impact.

The Right Location

The kind of lighting that you select or pick for your signage needs to reflect upon the fact that where the sun is actually located. When a signage is poorly lit it loses its impact. You need to keep in mind the location or the area where your signage is and choose accordingly. For instance, take note of the nearby shops and see what type of lighting have they used in order to enhance their sign boards and to make them look more impactful. Accordingly choose lighting for your signage so that you can stand out from the crowd. You can choose an elegant box-lighting or can also opt for neon lights depending upon the requirements.

Lighting Options

Next to choose is the right lighting options once you have decided the location of the signage. Some of the most commonly used lighted signs in Dubai are the full color LED graphics. Although make sure that you do not decide to do the lighting on you own as it is a complex process and hence we advise that you take help and assistance from a professional and licensed electrician.

Backlit Displays

These are another popular form of lighting that make advertising on signage look more appealing and readable. In fact, they are an extremely easy way to create signage for logos or even for displaying any message. Backlit glasses are also popularly used at various malls and also at hospitals. In fact, in the recent years there has been an increase in LED displays and backlit glasses particularly for trade shows and exhibition stand companies in Dubai as they make an exhibition stand look more noticeable than before. .

LED Signs

LED signs too are a good option to pick for lighting your signage. These signs can be easily noticed during the nighttime and can give your business the right ability to adjust messaging. Not just this, LED signs have other advantages too. They are energy-efficient. Before selecting an LED make sure that the lighting matches the brand’s image and coveys the communication strategy of the brand correctly. You can check out some of the advertising companies in Dubai that offer excellent quality Led signs and other lighting options for signage.


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