Create a buzz with Vehicle Graphics in Dubai

More and more companies have now started using vehicle graphics as a means to communicate their message and make effective use of potential advertising and branding space in Dubai. Many outdoor advertising companies in Dubai offer solutions for fleet graphics, bus graphics, truck advertisement, railway graphics, and many more. The businesses that have opted to do graphics on their vehicle or fleet of vehicles have been largely benefited as there is an increase in brand awareness. This form of outdoor advertising Dubai has the lowest cost per impression as a vehicle can generate thousands of impressions daily. Brand Me Event is one of the digital printing companies in Dubai that designs and installs graphics on your company vehicle. With a wide variety of designs ranging from simple lettering to full color vehicle wraps.

Fleet Graphics

A corporate identity can be used on vehicles that increases visibility which overall becomes a fabulous medium to enhance brand awareness for the target audience. Whether you are looking to brand your company car, or refresh your entire fleet, our expert sign fitters work with you to design, print and fit bespoke car graphics to help you advertise your business or promote your services. We also provide a car stickers service for smaller car graphics and logos. For this both opaque and reflective graphic films can be used. For many, fleet graphics have a better impact than billboards.

Safety & Emergency Services Vehicle Graphics

Noticing emergency vehicles on the roads sometimes become difficult. Thus, it is the need of the hour that emergency vehicles are quickly recognized and readily identified. Brand Me Event, one of the best advertising company in Dubai offers a complete range of reflective products that increases the visibility of these emergency vehicles like trucks, vans, etc. Our reflective vinyl graphics can keep your branding visible out of daylight hours. Perfect for promotional purposes, as well as providing an invaluable safety consideration, our expert fitters can advise you on the best reflective vehicle markings for your business.

Taxi Graphics

Taxis is one of the most popular used mode of transport in cities around the world, and many a times they are used for product advertising campaigns. To give these vehicles a corporate identity, taxi cars or vans can easily be wrapped with vehicle graphic to change the painted color. Custom vehicle decals create an effective advertising solution for company vehicles. Easy to apply and simple to remove, these graphics provide a fast and low-cost signage solution for your business.

A vehicle isn't just a method of getting from A to B; it's an advertising opportunity. From simple logos and contact details, to bright and colorful full vehicle wraps, trust us to help you turn your company vehicle into a cost effective marketing opportunity for your business with vehicle graphics.


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