Benefits Of Using Slim Light Boxes

While there are a number of advertising and marketing tools available in the market today, one of the most popular kind of tool especially used for indoor advertising are slim light box . These light boxes today are recognized as one of the most effective forms of advertising and have been widely used by various businesses in Dubai. From posters to corporate signage, there are multiple uses of these light boxes which can yield you benefit.

There have been various market researches conducted which rightly prove that slim light boxes are surely beneficial for advertising.

Here are some amazing advantages of slim light boxes and why you need to start using them:

Less Consumption Of Power

A great advantage of slim light boxes is that they consume far less energy as compared to other lights. In fact they only use a small fraction of electricity and provide you with better lighting at the same time. This is why businesses who are open for long hours generally prefer slim light boxes over other lights. This is particularly beneficial if you want to keep your electricity bill low.

Greater Life

Besides being affordable, slim light boxes also have a larger life expectancy and can be used for longer hours as compared to other fluorescent lights. It is a known fact that on an average a slim light box can run for around 40,000 hours. They also do not require a lot of maintenance and hence are always a preferred choice over other types of fluorescent lights. Besides this they are also safe to use and are shock resistance. Because slim light boxes are generally placed in areas where they can easily come in contact with the general audience slim light boxes have a feature of shock resistance that protects people who come in contact with it.

The An Environmental Friendly

Because slim light boxes require less electricity they result in lower carbon footprint thereby protecting the environment around them. This way you also achieve public expectations in terms of ecological or environmental concerns.

Better Visibility

The best advantage about slim light boxes is that they do not have limitations when it comes to lighting as compared to some other boxes. They also come in ultra-thin designs which do not take up a lot of space and yet can stand out and offer clear visibility and versatility. You can also place them outside your store and not be concerned about them getting damaged easily. Slim light boxes are definitely a great tool to entice your target audience.

These were some top benefit of slim light boxes that prove why they are a good choice for advertising & branding your business. While these are useful in indoor advertising they can also be used for outdoor purpose. You can connect with some of the best outdoor advertising companies in Dubai here.


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