Advantages of Frameless Lightbox in Advertising

Why use frameless lightboxes?

Frameless lightboxes are extensively known as one of the most operative advertising modes available. Advertising posters and business signage which uses the mixture of brightness and dye are far more probable to catch a possible purchaser's eye than a non-illuminated picture or sign would do.

How do you know lightboxes are so effective?

Market investigation has revealed that well-lit advertising entices a much advanced client footfall, allows earlier customer handling and offers a noteworthy upsurge sales likened to non-illuminated promotion. Here are some examples:

i) A bank had a monetary product they wanted to promote, they used double-sided lightboxes in some of their outlet windows to illumine the promotional poster and non-illuminated poster frames in the others. Their marketplace research emphasized that the banks with backlit illumined picture displays had an upsurge of over 30% sales of the promoted merchandise in contrast to banks with precisely the same advertisement but exhibiting non-illuminated posters.

ii) Another company concentrated the time that clienteles spent at their digital photo securities by 3-4 times, only by substituting their non-illuminated menu signage showing services and prices with modified illuminated menu lightbox exhibitions.

iii) A company’s market investigation has shown that the majority of individuals in a nightclub atmosphere were not certain of what they were going to order when going to the bar. When their advertising was well-lit the upsurge in auctions of the precise endorsed drink enlarged by over 100%.

Where are lightboxes used most effectively?

Lightboxes are established to be tremendously fruitful advertising tool for various well-lit display and sign submissions including: retail point of sale displays; business signs for corporate properties; outside advertising; airport signage and shows for duty free and salons; train position notice boards and time tables; discotheque, bar and bar promotions; bistro menu boards and signage; store information and advertising displays; and exhibitions or trade shows.

Illumined window displays are a prodigious way to make the most of your visibility and double-sided light boxes in a shop window promote to both clienteles inside the and outside the store. Self-supporting illuminated displays are the flawless way to bring your advertising message closer to the client so work really well in superior areas such as stores and section stores. Frameless light box and slim lightbox are highly recommended for any business these days. You can get it here from the best advertising company in Dubai.


Well-lit displays and signs achieve far additional consideration from customers than non-illuminated types and as an importance help drive meaningfully more sales, therefore, lightboxes should be measured a practical investment to any business looking to upsurge brand consciousness and sales revenue.

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