Types Of Popular Billboards In Dubai

Hoarding or billboards ads in Dubai are definitely one of the most popular means of advertising in today’s time. In fact, outdoor advertising Dubai is considered by many companies to be one of the most influential ways of marketing that attract masses and help in building a strong brand awareness and reputation. Most businesses in Dubai today for this reason are opting for outdoor advertising. The key reason for the increasing popularity of outdoor advertising is the clear view that it gives to the audience and especially at a prominent location. Intelligently placed billboards have created a magical impact on the popularity of billboards. We have listed down some of the most popular types of outdoor hoardings or billboards in Dubai. Read below to know more:

The wide billboard signs:

These types of billboard formats are of the most common hoarding patterns found in Dubai. The wide factor makes it easily readable and creates an eye catchy impression on the viewer. Due to the visibility factor, people travelling on thru roads can easily read the message displayed. In fact these kinds of billboards are highly effective when you need to showcase an ad that has a lot of content.

Billboards On Lamp Posts

These are other popular types of the billboard advertising in Dubai. You can rent out one or more lamp post locations at a time and showcase your advertisement to your target audience. The passer-by audience can thus view the single advertisement multiple times. This easily increases the chances of remembering a particular advertisement and the barns which is associated to it. Another advantage of this type of billboards is that they are highly cost-effective and do not involve a lot of investment and thus are ideal for start-ups and small franchise owners.

Billboards On A Building

This popular mode of outdoor advertising has increasingly gain popularity owing to its visibility factor. It expresses the brand message in a very beautiful way and people from long distances can easily view the particular advertisement.

The Wide And Large Billboards

These types of billboards are widely seen on the freeways and in places that have a lot of movement or traffic. While the cost of these types of hoardings is a little higher the kind of response they offer is very positive and impactful for a brand. The message readability is quite good and thus the brand recognition level is also higher. Many of the top companies in Dubai usually prefer this type of advertising. You need to find out the right advertising company in Dubai for this type of billboard.

Billboards Near The Airports

These billboards are very useful brands who wish to target a global market. The visitors visiting a particular city can easily view them and this creates a very positive impression on their minds.

These were some of the most popular types of billboards in Dubai. You can choose a billboard design depending upon your business type and the amount of investment you wish to make. Check out some of the advertising companies in Dubai that can help you with this.


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