Trends In Outdoor Marketing

Outdoor advertising has surely become one of the most favoured form of advertising in Dubai. Each year we see an increased percent of businesses opting for outdoor ads as a medium to market and promote their business. In fact many other forms of media or advertising such as radio and television have seen a decrease in their revenue as businesses who today prefer to market their businesses through outdoor advertising. In Dubai today, no matter what the business is, that is B2B or even B2C everyone today prefers to market their business through outdoor advertising. And being in such great demand, outdoor advertising keeps on improving and enhancing its features. There are new and improved trends emerging in this industry. We have listed down some of the important trends that is transforming the outdoor advertising industry.

Automation And New Software

Outdoor advertising today is emerging and improving its reach globally. Today one can interact with its audience in a much better way through automation and by the use of new and latest software. The content can be changed as and when wanted to target different audiences.


With digitization emerging everywhere in different industries, outdoor advertising Dubai too has been digitized. Digital signage today is adopted by most industries, over static and old-style signs. LED screens, digital way finding tools are some more examples of digitization.

Integrating Mobile With The Outdoor Ads

Businesses marketing their services or products through outdoor advertising can now trigger ads depending upon the kind of mobile phones the target audience in a particular area where the ad is placed uses. This means that person A who uses an iPhone can view a complete different ad than person B who uses an Android mobile phone. Besides this, geo-fencing is also being adopted by many so that those who are engaged with an outdoor ad can later be able to view the same on their mobile phones. This means that on relevant searches, bill boards of nearby area can be seen on the device so that a person can be directed to visit a store.

Creativity At Its Peak

Today there’s a pool of information that can be delivered through the outdoor advertising. For advertisers it is now possible to be as much creative as they can with outdoor ads to reach out to the masses. Videos, GIFS, audio visuals and 3D effects are some popular ways in which many businesses in Dubai today promote their outdoor ads. Through digital outdoor ads it is now also possible to measure the number of people exposed to an ad and track their behavior. This helps in collecting relevant data of an ad campaign can help in targeting consumers who might be willing to invest in your products or services. If you are planning to invest in outdoor ads, check some of the best outdoor advertising companies in Dubai .


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