Permissions Required To Advertise On A Vehicle In Dubai

Vehicle branding and advertising is probably one of the best ways to reach out to your target consumers. In fact it provides an opportunity to cater to a larger audience and not be restricted only to one particular location. It is attractive, it is catchy and easily helps you achieve your objective of brand recall and brand identification. Moreover it also helps in increasing your overall sales cycle. For this reason many people in Dubai have been increasingly investing in vehicle graphics in Dubai as compare to other modes of advertising due to its assured results. If you have a business and plan to achieve a similar objective, vehicle branding is surely something that will help you grow your business especially if you reside in Dubai. And while it is true that vehicle branding can be very beneficial, there are certain branding rules that you need to abide by. We are sure you are not aware about most of the rules stated by the RTA about vehicle branding.

To simplify your process we have listed down some of the important rules that you need to abide by and the formalities that you need to complete before you decide to brand your business on any vehicle in Dubai.

Logo Guidelines

This is probably one of the first and the most important factor to keep in consideration when branding your business on a vehicle graphics Dubai . Any business is only permitted to display their own companies or brands logo on the vehicles. There is a certain amount of nominal yearly fee that you need to pay for this logo advertisement. This means that you are not allowed to publish or display any other company or brand logo along with your advertisement.

Trade Name Language

The language in which you are allowed or permitted to display your trade name is English and Arabic. Some of the details that you need to mention on your vehicle branding and advertising are you are contact details, your telephone number, your website address and your email address that has been mentioned on your trade license.

Graphical Or Pictorial Re-Presentation

This is another important factor that you need to keep in consideration before you print your vehicle banner or advertisement. This is important because if not followed as per guidelines your entire expense of printing the graphic will be wasted. Also you may be charged a hefty fine if you do not follow the rules.

The graphic should cover half portion of the venue which is the side area and the bumper area. It is compulsory to show your trade name in both English and in Arabic.

In case if you are very cool has been covered with graphics, it will be considered as a complete wrap. However you must keep in mind that the graphics are not allowed to be present on the side and rear windows and also on the roof of your vehicle. Also the charges for a complete rap are more as compared for a logo advertising.

Besides this, if the color percentage of your graphics or photos exceed more than 30%, you are required to take an additional and special permission from the Dubai police for the same. If the advertisement is pertaining to any real estate business you will be required to have a certificate availed from the Department of land and property.

You can also place your graphics on rented vehicles by renting a car from agencies and applying for The RTA permission for the same.

Documents Required

Whenever you are applying for any advertising format following documents should always be attached and provided to the RTA. These include you are valid license copy & vehicle ownership details.


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