How To Design A Good Exhibition Stand

Creating the wow-factor for your exhibition stand is very important for creating a strong impression and for standing out at an exhibition or trade show. It is the first impression that counts for generating traffic near your exhibition stand. Even though your company may have greater products or services, along with a well-trained team, lowly visual appeal can make potential customers walk away from your booth. For the best designs you can check out the best exhibition stand builders in Dubai.

Therefore, follow these tips for designing an eye-catching exhibition stand:

Understand your goals

Begin by defining your reason participating in the trade or exhibition and the message you want to evidently convey with your exhibition stand. Then, keep these goals in mind during the design process. The most amazing exhibition stand may fall if it does not deliver your organization’s image, values, and capabilities.

Target Audience

When designing your trade show stand, always keep your target audiences in mind in order to focus on their wants and needs. Because there is no point creating an excellent exhibition stand that attracts prospects who aren't going to buy from you.

Space Maximization

Your exhibition stand should take complete advantage of the booth space that is available with you. Some shows allow you to build exhibition stands up to 6 metres or 20 feet high. Make sure that there are no physical barriers while entering your booth and try to keep meeting areas to the back of your booth.


Add minimum text to your exhibition stand. Keep your wordings crisp and clear. Avoid using long sentences for conveying a message. Instead use words that are eye-catchy. Use fonts that are large and clear to be seen from a distance.


Using the right images can help convey difficult ideas quickly and efficiently without the need for piles of text. Images that are of a large can be especially powerful. Think about your target audience and what images will appeal to them. Then, never forget to use your company logo for confirming your brand identity. For the text on your stand, consider the size and placement of your images to confirm they can be seen well from a distance and are not hidden.


Adding lighting to your display is very important. It is an effective way to help you increase traffic and ensure your message is clearly stated. It also allows visitors to clearly read the text. It can also be used to highlight a particular part of your stand that can grab instant attention of potential buyers.


Choosing the correct materials will help to strengthen your image and create the kind of stunning design that will attract your target market.

These are some essential tips that need to be kept in mind if you wish to get the best exhibition stand design. There are many exhibition stand builders in Dubai that offer great services for designing exhibit stands for different trade shows.

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