Choosing Offset Printing Vs Digital Printing

Every time there is a project or marketing material that needs to be printed many people are still confused as to which mode of printing they should choose. Digital printing and offset printing are the two most popularly used methods of printing even today. However, there are some significant differences between these two modes of printing. Today we have noted down some of the key differences about digital printing and offset printing and explained these two terminologies in detail. Read below to know more about it.

Let Us Start By Explaining Offset Printing

Offset printing or popularly known as a traditional mode of printing comprises of plates and ink that are generally used to transfer an image onto a blanket and then onto a sheet of paper. This is called offset printing as there is no direct transfer of ink involved. Offset printing generally runs extremely efficiently after they have been set up and hence it is still a preferred choice by most people every time they have to opt for printing of larger quantities. Not only this, they also provide accurate color reproduction and a very crisp looking design after printing.

Let Is Now Explain Digital Printing

Unlike offset printing, digital printing does not involve use of any plates. Instead it uses better and technologically advanced options like a toner or large printers that use liquid ink. Digital printing is also a preferred option when you want to get lower quantities printed and even if you want to print something in bulk. The greatest advantage of digital printing is its variable data capability. If you want to get something printed that requires a unique name digital printing Dubai is the best option you can choose. This is so because of offset printing comes with its limitation and cannot fulfil this requirement of yours.

And while offset printing is also a good way to produce good looking print projects today most people in Dubai do not prefer this traditional mode of printing because of the limited advantages that it offer.

Some of the amazing advantages of digital printing over offset printing or traditional printing are:

The set up cost for digital printing are quite lower. This means even if you want to start up your own business that includes printing services you can always choose digital printing as an alternative. The next advantage of digital printing is that you can print only the amount that you require and whenever you need it. Also you can print lower quantities as and when required.

This mode of printing is quite inexpensive and you can also opt the colors that you want. Amazing advantages of digital printing over offset printing or traditional printing are:

While offside and name digital printing Dubai are both useful modes of printing they both have their own advantages and drawbacks. However with so many technological advancements and new and innovative techniques being introduced every other day it is always better to go with the mode of printing that offers you comfort and ease and at the same time convenience.

This is why digital printing is always a much preferred option over offset printing if you want quality, quantity and turnaround time to be perfect all at the same time.

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