Benefits Of Having Frosted Sticker On Your Office Glass

Having glass doors and partitions always makes a statement. It’s stylish and in vogue. Having frosted vinyl on glass has its own benefits. Let’s know how.

Timeless and elegant: Glass is elegant and gives your space an extremely professional look. Office portioning with glass makes your office look neat and uncluttered and even quit organized as one cannot hide mess with a glass partition. Rather just avoid the mess and stay a little organized. Glass partitions look good and with designer glass frosting it looks even better. You can try a wide variety of options for glass frosting which has its own added benefits. A frosted glass can make your office space look a lot classier.

Supports Branding: By using frosted glass doors or glass frosting Dubai windows, you can display your company’s logo. It’s an easy and a subtle way of branding in-house. It’s used majorly at meeting rooms or conference rooms, where we usually meet clients. This gives them a good recall value of your brand as long as you follow all your branding guidelines. Glass frosting really does wonders in communicating a message to your team. If you want to motivate your team, you can add motivational quotes too. Many people also use glass frosting for putting names and designation on glass doors.

Alternative Writing Boards: White Boards are used in most offices for brainstorming, gathering ideas, discussing market status, near future goals etc. It works as a platform for noting down reminders, important announcements. Even though white boards are highly functional, they are not aesthetically appealing. People have started using glad doors and windows with frosting as their canvas. Once goal is achieved, what you have written can also be erased. Glass doors make wonder white boards as it gives you a huge area to cover. It can be erased easily. Glass writing boards can let you draw thought bubbles, unlike a white board. Frosted glass doors, don’t end up looking grey after multiples uses, like a white board does.

Open Office Feel: Many businessmen plan their offices with an open space to keep their team motivated. It gives a collaborative feel and helps in team building. Open office space also ensures that you don’t have isolated members in your team. Making use of frosted glass partitioning helps you maintain that spirit in your team, while you also allocate separate workstations as per designations, meeting rooms and offices. It solves various purposes and works wonders at offices with a team of 20 + members.

Privacy as per convenience: Many offices require privacy in meeting rooms and conference rooms which a naked glass cannot provide. With help of frosted glass doors, windows and partitions, you can manage to have the privacy as per your convenience and also get all above benefits of a glass partition. You need to ensure that you frosting is done as per your requirement of level of privacy. You can also take advantage of natural sunlight passing through your frosted glass window and keep your office atmosphere fresh and lively.


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