Benefits of an Open Exhibition Stand

Companies who are attending a trade show or exhibiting at another venue have a number of vital decisions to make concerning the design of their exhibition stands. Though, one of the most vital revolves around the layout of the stand itself and the way in which onlookers are able to gain access to the booth.

In numerous cases, the precise layout will be contingent on the floor space you have been allotted. For instance, the most mutual type of stand is a row stand, or wall stand, which is available from the hall aisle, has three walls and is connected on three sides by neighboring stands. Otherwise, if the space you have been owed is on the end of a row, you might in its place opt for a corner stand, which is exposed on two sides and has two walls.

Easy Access

Maybe the clearest reason why businesses opt for open exhibition stand builders in Dubai is the comfort of access, which makes them more nice-looking for attendees. While a stand that is only open on one side may cause a queue to form, or result in public’s view of certain parts of the show being blocked, open designs are available from all sides.

This means that companies are able to walk through the show and look at the products or displays in their own time. Obviously, some of the key competitions to this type of stand design comprise having enough staff and making sure those you have are attending sufficient to cross from one side of the display to another to meet the needs of companies.

Standing Out

Another big reason why open exhibition stand Dubai designs have increased in reputation recently is that they allow exhibitors to stand out from the crowd. Rather than needing a stand up against a wall, open displays are located anywhere in the middle of the trade show floor, which certainly sparks the curiosity of visitors.

Custom Designs

Lastly, open displays allow businesses to unlock an enormous range of potentials when it comes to the real design of the stand. As a result, they are an eccentric option for those businesses who are eager and able to spend a little bit extra on generating a jaw-dropping, custom-built display.

Where the lack of walls was once seen as a restraint of island type displays, it is now more frequently being seen as a chance by designers and brands who have tossed the concept into a USP at their shows. The pure amount of floor space, collective with the option of using free-standing presentation furniture in thrilling and imaginative ways, can frequently lead to spectacular designs, which entice even more attention.

It is worth noting, though, that there are logistical subjects to overcome when choosing for exclusive, open designs. For instance, a custom stand tends to take lengthier to build, meaning you will need to give your project company more notice, and they may also need more aid to set up, which can mean additional costs and further work.

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