Are Outdoor Advertising Cost Effective?

In today's fast-paced life, Outdoor is picture-perfect for reaching people on the go. Progressively people tend to spend less time at home, which is why they are uncovered to main stream media like radio, TV, magazines and newspapers. Thus, advertising companies in Dubai , believe that 65 percent of people who see an ad on Outdoor advertising medium are able to recall the specific message displayed.

Why Outdoor Advertising?

When people contemplate of “out of home” (OOH) advertising, they think of the billboards along the streets or on the side of a building. But OOH is more than just these big, bold signboards. Outdoor advertising companies in Dubai , believes that advertisement can be anywhere. Be it a pop up on bus stops, cabs, benches or even on the floors & corridors of shopping centres.

1) Outdoor advertising attains a great cut-through since it stands alone, it's not challenging the other advertisement mediums, as is the case with other media milieus. Great visibility, big images, robust branding and copy which stands out from others – Outdoor advertising companies in Dubai are largely determined by the creative. A study from Nielsen states that 86% of people reach a decision that Outdoor advertising makes brands stand out.

2) The Outdoor advertising is the message. Outdoor advertising doesn’t come with journalistic content. The correct message and the right creative are exceptionally engaging. Technologies used in Outdoor advertising inspire greater consumer Interaction. A study conducted by the Outdoor advertising companies in Dubai , 71% of audience said they connect more towards outdoor advertisement that offers creative OOH.

3) Using Outdoor advertising is an actual way of growing the reach and reminiscence of a campaign. Second to Television, outdoor advertising brings strong campaign withholding with a great percentage of weekly activity. Research states 82% of audience believes that there are many campaigns that they remember for a long time. This is more, as shown in Brand Science studies, when Outdoor advertising is used in combination with other media such as TV, Radio and now online, it has the power to spread the life of a combined Television/ Online campaign by up to 30%.

Outdoor advertising tenders marketers with a wide array of options alongside with elasticity in how they deliver their message. The gradient of OOH options can range everyplace, right from traditional tools like billboards, to unconventional opportunities such as flogos (foam-like floating logos). The elasticity that advertising companies in Dubai have in conveying their message is also a strength of OOH. One may think that a billboard is not offering a lot of flexibility, but in reality some of the most creative OOH is done through billboards as the opportunities are only controlled to the creativity of the work being shaped.

In a Nutshell, when shared with other channels in a united media plan, OOH can extend reach with a large return on investment.


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