Advantages of Slim Lightbox

Slim Lightboxes offer a lively look to any kind of business graphics or visuals and they can surely help to grab customer attention. Be it any image; a product, a simple photograph, a quote, a menu card, it can be used as an effective tool to grab customer attention. Many companies are now increasingly using slim lightboxes that can help in enhancing brand image and improve sales. This is dynamic marketing strategy that surely needs to start by most companies. These slim lightboxes are today over-shadowing every other type of lighting Materials. There are immense advantages that these can offer to the business. The visually dynamic effect that slim light boxes offer have made them one of the most popular tool used for advertising any type of business.

With fresh developments in LED expertise, frameless lightbox are becoming more and more prevalent and have numerous noteworthy rewards over the normal ones that use luminous illumination. Are you too planning to invest in slim lightboxes in order to enhance your brand image? If the answer is yes, you need to take a look at some of the advantages of slim lightboxes:

1. Power saving

LED lighting is very energy-efficient, using a portion of the power of fluorescent lighting. This is a very important concern with most lightboxes that are generally used for a longer period of time. Thus, the costs of electricity for running light boxes are decreased to a great significance.

2. Long life

As compared to the florescent lighting and other lighting equipment, Slim Lightboxes have a longer span of life. They can last for about fifty thousand hours. Also, slim lightbox do not require any extra or added maintenance costs as compared to slim lightboxes.

3. Less Carbon Footprint

Every business in today’s world looks forward to reducing carbon footprints. With Slim Lightboxes one can achieve this goal. For those who are aiming towards a greener business and are concerned about the environment is very important to switch to slim lightboxes.

4. Slim line

Since slim lightbox units are actually very minor, the lightboxes can be correspondingly slim, taking up less space and looking more sophisticated. This makes them appropriate for use as pretty art shows as well as for promotion purposes.

5. A safer option

Slim lightboxes are always a better and a safer option. As compared to other florescent tubes, slim lightboxes should always be of a favourable preference. Slim lightboxes are also less prone to be broken or damaged as compared to other tubes and CFLs. When it comes to choosing a safer option that can reduce pollution, always choose slim lightboxes. They always have a longer life as compared to others and besides that the waste disposal factor is also minimal. They are a much tougher and less prone to breakage as compared to the other bulbs.


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